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10 Ways to be productive while working from home.

Working from home can appear to be relaxing with sunshine and rainbows, cable-knit sweaters and steamy cups of cocoa. It can be but it rarely is. It takes some serious dedication and discipline to master the tasks of the day without caving in to distraction.

It took me some time, when I started my online business, to figure out the most efficient work patterns for my day.

If you can master these 10 things, you’ll be productive when you need to be. You’ll also have time for the things that you dreamed of, back when you had to go to the office from 9-5!

is it legal to buy nolvadex in australia 1. Create a work space that you love.

Choose a spot in your house that you actually want to spend time in. It doesn’t have to be the darkest room in the house or the room that nobody enters. However, if it is, fill it with warm lighting and a comfortable area for a desk, office chair and some room for files, supplies etc. Maybe it’s just a nook. Make sure it’s far enough from the high-traffic areas of your home. A designated space will definitely take your productivity to the next level. I chose a bedroom that has a window on the small side. A couple of lamps and some colourful artwork elevated it to a place I enjoy being in and an environment where I can focus.

nizoral cream to buy 2. Set the mood for your day first thing.

Do what you need to do to feel like you can conquer your day and get it done first. If you need a hot shower or a quick workout, a powerful morning will lead to a powerful workday. The saying ‘get up, dress up and show up’ applies to working from home as well. Hanging out in your pajamas all day won’t bring on the posture you need to conquer your workday so decide on a few things you’re going to do every morning, no-fail. For example: get out of bed when the alarm goes off, make the coffee, hit the shower OR that…with a workout thrown in!

3. Figure out your peak performance hours. 

You’ve likely figured out when your body is ready for an optimal, physical work out! But when are you most creative and sharp? I have gone through phases of being a night owl as well as a complete morning person. Observe your energy levels to discover when, naturally, you’re most productive and creative and choose those times to schedule your work. Listen to your natural rhythm and go with what feels best for you. 

4. Schedule yourself, down to every 15 minutes of your day

The flexibility of working at home allows for leisure and social time. However, scheduling the work part and the fun part of your day allows you to still get the tasks done that are most important for the day. Decide what you’ll be doing and where you will be doing it down to the minute. Having a shower? Schedule it. Taking the dog for a walk? Schedule it. Give yourself daily deadlines and stick to them. If you give yourself all day to do something that is exactly how long it will take!

5. Live by your lists and focus

Spent some time during your morning coffee creating your list for the day. It’s very satisfying to check off your tasks as you complete them. A list on paper is tactile and will feel more legit. If new tasks come up just create tomorrow’s list while you work. At the end of the day review your list for the following day and try your best not to have any rollover! Shine a light on one task at a time you’ll find that you’ll do a better job and you’ll also finish quicker and more efficiently. Set a timer for a task and try to complete it with a little bit of pressure. You’ll likely get it done more swiftly. This will keep you from looking around your house thinking ‘hmm better fold that laundry’ or ‘I need to empty the dishwasher’. Those tasks can wait until they come up in the schedule!

6. Set boundaries with family, friends and social channels.

Make it clear to your well-meaning family and friends that you are actually at work. It’s not likely that your friends would just show up at your Corporate office job any time to hang out or randomly or call you at work to share their stories with you. Small social breaks can add up over time and steal hours eventually from your scheduled work. If you use social media as a tool for your business, try to get through what’s on the list without being distracted by adorable animal videos and heading down a 20 minute rabbit hole. Choose your break times to be social. 

7. Avoid the domestic chores that are right in front of you! 

Personally I try to start my day off with as little chaos in my field of vision as possible. I can task through my schedule easily that way however if that’s not then schedule it in as a work task. You can get caught up hitting room to room because one mess leads to another guaranteed and it can inject an hour or two of wasted time into your day before you even realize it! 

8. Mix it up

Work from a coffee shop once a week, take calls in your car, just make sure that you change it up to keep it fresh. Get around others that are working as well. Study spaces also have a work vibe, sneak in to a nook on a nearby university campus for some variety. Being out in the world will change up your perspective.

9. Take breaks

Head outside and take in some sunshine just as you would in any job. Go for a walk and breathe. I love that I have a business where I can set my laptop up out on my patio and watch my dog go for a swim. I do my best to schedule myself one beauty treat a week. I can always get an appointment time because my schedule is what I make it. Remember you’re the boss and a good boss also knows when it’s quittin’ time!

10. Be flexible

Flexibility was likely a top-of-the-list reason for working from home. Friends and family will likely try to enlist you for some fun now and then and guess what, you’re flexible! Take advantage of that when you can. You can get back on track with your schedule no problem because you have everything you need to do that. The more you practice your organization and scheduling the less time you’ll need to do the work.

Finding this online business for me, was life-changing. I had ideas swirling in my mind but I had no business sense or a solid business plan. I wasn’t even clear on what a business model was. And if I was to dive in, I wanted it to be worth my while. Are you ready to Launch? Let’s chat today.