Online Business Startup

    5 Reasons I was Ready to LAUNCH My Own Online Business

    5 Reasons to Launch your own online business

    Let’s just get right into it!

    buy Pregabalin online uk 1. I kept rolling through that nine-to-five cycle and would wait the entire year to have that short vacation.

    I’ve had creative jobs my entire life. I spent 20 years as a hairstylist, running my own business, I moved into graphic design and from there and had established myself in a successful marketing career. I began to experience the signs of career burnout. Every day just rolled into the next and with little time away from the office and the commute, I was feeling trapped in the hamster wheel. 2. My top priorities are family, friends and lifestyle. My work should fit into my lifestyle. Not the other way around.

    I was putting the time in only to realize that I was getting paid and not compensated for lost time with family and friends. Countless events like birthdays, weddings and other meaningful events with family and friends that I was missing out on. I just felt like there had to be more to life.

    emsam patch uk 3. I was ready for the type of compensation that would reflect how much I was willing to put in. Ready for that limitless earning potential.

    In my career, I was at a point where I would, at most, only qualify for that tiny percentage-raise each year unless I was to go back to school or change careers. I felt super stuck. I didn’t want to spend another few years in school to only have my hopes and dreams dashed and end up where I already was. Knowing that I was a self-starter and motivated to go my own way I started researching online business opportunities to see what was out there. There was so much noise out there. It made my head spin. I stayed the course because I knew there would be something just right for me. I had seen some people around me doing multi-level marketing and had a real distaste for it as I knew I didn’t want to be paying somebody else for my success or marketing anything to friends and family.

    4. I was craving personal development that would allow me to break through my limiting beliefs (that I didn’t even know that I had!).

    Craving that “more” I knew there was something missing. Never having been a proponent of personal development, I started looking inwards. A few clicks here, a few clicks there and I started to discover this whole new world of learning and development opportunities. Feeling open to my own evolution as a student in this new realm I discovered that I had so many goals that had been buried and that…

    5. I am a powerful, strong person with above-average goals and not satisfied with a mediocre existence. I want to EXPERIENCE life on my terms!

    Excited and armed with these self-discoveries I came across a past client of mine, on Facebook, that had created a post about her new-found financial independence, time-freedom in her business and impacting peoples’ lives for the better. I was curious!

    I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her and she interviewed me for the opportunity. The business was in the personal development and success education industry. A $64B industry, btw, and something that I felt excited about! It felt almost serendipitous. I could quickly see the big picture for myself. The business opportunity came with full training, all of the online business systems needed to run it daily and global community of non-stop support.

    I took some time to think it through, as it was a huge step. A few things came to mind as I thought about where I was already and where I COULD be. I saw something in the opportunity that I couldn’t pass up and I decided that nothing could stop me.

    I moved forward and have never looked back. I am my own boss! Along with this business comes a community of support and collaboration with like-minded people, other business owners who are genuinely interested in the success of others. Every day is as motivating as the last.

    I have had success being mobile with this business, traveling around Europe this past summer (wifi connections are abundant!) without missing a beat. I look forward to the upcoming events in amazing, international locations with this community that I have grown to admire.


    Everything happens for a reason. I bet there’s a reason you’re reading this 😉 Get in touch and we can determine where you’re at. Perhaps you’re ready to LAUNCH!